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Representing Survivors of Sexual Abuse


Barb Long

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Barb helped me get my life back.

"Barb was everything I needed and so much more.
She made one of the hardest, most emotional and
anxiety-provoking experiences so much easier."


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We are committed to
handling every case discreetly
and with dignity.

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Oregon & Washington Sexual Misconduct Attorney

Vogt & Long, P.C.

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone and can take many different forms. Many survivors worry that they will not be believed, or even blamed, for what happened to them. Barb Long represents survivors of sexual abuse in lawsuits against sex offenders and the organizations that harbor them.

We believe that survivors are empowered by seeking justice through civil actions. Although no amount of financial compensation can ever right this wrong or erase the damage, civil damages can help victims of sexual misconduct regain control of their lives by paying for counseling and building a positive future. A survivor may also seek punitive damages to punish the offender and deter others from committing acts of sexual abuse.

Vogt & Long PC is not an assembly-line law firm. Every sexual abuse case is unique and intensely personal. This is why our firm never prescribes a one-size-fits-all solution to cases. We make it a priority to provide clients and their loved ones with the personal attention they deserve. Let us help you take back your power and start to heal.

If you or your loved one has been sexually abused, contact Vogt & Long PC to speak confidentially with one of our experienced professionals.

Real Client Reviews

  • " Barb was everything I needed and so much more. She made one of the hardest, most emotional and anxiety provoking experiences so much easier. She was consistent with communication, and I never felt that I was in the dark. She kept me frequently updated with the ongoing process and always provided comfort and encouragement. Barb fought for me with no hesitation and made my feelings heard and validated. She won my case and I had no doubt she would from the beginning. This woman is truly extraordinary and she is excellent in everything she does. A miracle worker.”


  • "Barb handled my case with care and a great level of competence that allowed me to feel strong during an otherwise difficult time. Had it not been for her sensitivity and compassion I would not have been as confident as I needed to be during my deposition. Barb did a wonderful job involving me when needed and not exposing me to unnecessary stress. I always knew she had my best interests at heart and I trusted her completely. It was her confidence in me that allowed me to be confident in myself, and for that I am immensely grateful.”


  • "After a difficult, painful event, searching for a lawyer who would meet our needs felt impossible. We’d met with a lawyer who seemed to care very little about us personally so I didn’t have much faith in the process. Thankfully Barb was referred to us by a trusted friend. We knew immediately that she was right for us. She was compassionate yet firm, diplomatic, professional, and stayed in constant contact with us over the course of our case. In all honesty the events that lead to our case, during and after were some of the most difficult times of our lives. I was more than grateful to have Barb and her team supporting us. None of this was easy but I truly felt that she and her team sincerely cared about us and held our best interest at heart. There was never a time that I didn’t feel I couldn’t call, email or text Barb. She was always available, always quick to reply. Nobody wants to be in the situation we were in but if you are, you want Barb to be by your side.”


  • "A child sex abuse lawsuit brought against one's hometown church requires a high degree of skill and care. Barb listened to the sensitive subject matter and found the best way to present the case. The jury saw fit to award $800,000 in noneconomic damages. Retaining Barb to represent me is one of the smartest things I have ever done. She worked tirelessly, and we got the best possible outcome. Listen to what this woman tells you.”


  • "Barb was truly amazing, and was the perfect person to represent us. Our case was delicate, and deeply emotional. I felt confident in Barb’s abilities, and in the end, she was instrumental in making our case successful in winning our settlement, so that we could move forward and try and put the past behind us. She really took our case to heart. She is genuinely patient, kind, compassionate, and truly cares about families and children. Her sensitivity combined with expert skill and firm assertive tactics, she held the opposing party accountable, kept us well informed and helped us with baby steps throughout the whole entire process as she stayed one step ahead of the opposing party, and stood ground as an anchor for our rights. She is easy to work with and genuinely caring. As she took on our case, I could feel and see the depth of how she took it into a more personal dimension. I never felt like just a client, she is very personable, comforting and has a great personality. I wholeheartedly trusted her and knew she was doing her very best for us, and we were never in the dark. She took into considerations all of the details of the case, and I felt heard and understood by her. She especially made sure my child was safe throughout the whole process, which was the most important to me as a mother. With her guidance, she kept us feeling as safe as we could feel during the deposition, and did everything she could to keep my young child from being deposed. I highly suggest Barb Long as an exceptional lawyer to represent you, and will recommend her to any friend who could need her services in the future. ”


  • "Randy Vogt & Barb Long ​conveyed the utmost professionalism, a genuine sense compassion, and a work ethic that mirrored their experience and knowledge. We felt like we were in the safest, most knowledgeable hands, even amidst a sensitive situation. They recruited amazing experts and efficiently handled the paperwork and administrative side of things so well. I feel like we not only met two attorneys that are the best in this field, but also met two of the finest human beings along the way. It was an incredible pleasure working with them, learning from their own expertise, and having them advocate at every step along the way for us.”


  • "I would definitely recommend Barbara Long and the staff there at Vogt & Long. They were all very professional and friendly and really supportive to me throughout the process. I can’t express how grateful I am to Barbara for standing up for me and remaining dedicated and compassionate to my situation. She provided me someone to trust again at a time when I didn’t know if there was hope, and I will be forever thankful that she helped me find closure to my ordeal.”


  • "I was a victim of sexual abuse when I was in the Sea Scouts/Boy Scouts as a youth. Randy & Barbara and all of the office staff were simply the best! They fought for me and were always available to have a meeting or phone call with me. If you are considering a lawsuit in this area don't sign up with another attorney until you have had a meeting with Randy and Barbara. These are the folks you want representing you.”


  • "Barb, thank you for your amazing support. You helped me stand up for myself when I had forgotten how and lost all hope.”


  • I wanted to thank you two for everything you have done for me and my family throughout this ordeal. Without the support, dedication and compassion that you each showed I truly believe the outcome may have been different.”


  • "A couple weeks after I was sexually assaulted, I had my first conversation with Randall Vogt, by email, and I felt totally comfortable and believed. He even got back to me on a weekend! A couple days later I met with him and Barb Long and they were both very compassionate and professional. I was having an extremely hard time at that point, I was very depressed and on edge and it was so huge for me that they treated me so well. There were so many other people that were not, and were basically putting me on trial for what happened!!! It was a long hard process but I always felt supported and was very much kept in the loop on the steps in the process. I never felt like I didn’t have any say in the decisions. Being not pressured and having a say in what was going on was huge after having my rights over my body violated. I mostly worked with Barb and I was often emotional and upset, but she listened to me and never made me feel bad about where I was with my feelings. The outcome of my case was in my favor! Barb and Randy worked very hard for that and their support staff Andy and Brie were very professional and competent when I communicated with them. I’m a fan. ”